Sustainability Brant Community Energy Co-operative

When the Ontario Government launched the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program in 2009, the County of Brant quickly identified the benefits of owning renewable energy projects. The County was successful in receiving a number of FIT contracts and began to develop solar PV projects on municipal assets throughout the community.  Brant County has been recognized across the province as a leader in renewable energy generation.

When the FIT 2.0 programs was released, the County recognized the value of having the community participate in these projects.  Not only because it was encouraged under the FIT 2.0 program but also because it provided an opportunity for the members of the community to benefit from shared ownership in these projects.

The benefits associated with shared ownership and revenues motivated the County’s officials to follow the community participation path. The SBC Energy Co-op was formed. This renewable energy co-operative makes it possible for the people of the County of Brant and surrounding communities to directly participate in large-scale solar PV energy producing projects.


Address: 15 Curtis Avenue North, Paris, ON N3L 3W1


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